Victorian map of AfricaWelcome to my site. If you're reading this you probably know who I am and what I'm doing; a solo trans-Africa motorcycle adventure. The following few pages contain the hastily cobbled-together information on my planned route, bike & preparation. Once on-route I'll be attempting to post updates to a diary (lets call it a blog), so do visit again for some tales from the road or to send me some feedback.

Some words of reassurance...

I've been researching adventure motorcycling and this route specifically on & off for some years, which should make pulling it off a mere formallity. In typical cavalier style I conducted all of my research & prep without reading the instruction manual (Adventure Motorcycling by Chris Scott). However I thought I'd have a flick through this publication to validate my approach. Here are a few excerpts:

"It's rare that a first-time DIY-er leaves on their original departure date, so don't set this in stone and don't give yourself impossible goals"

"For a trip to either Africa or Asia, you want to start getting your bike together about a year before departure"

Chris Scott - Adventure Motorcycling

I've given myself a departure date six weeks in advance, and will have owned the bike for almost three weeks before setting off. So what can go wrong? Follow my blog to find out.