The charity

Riders for Health My motivation for doing this trip is purely selfish, however it does give me the opportunity to ask for some spare change that will make a difference in Africa. Riders for Health is my chosen charity.

Riders for Health

Riders for Health is non-profit charity that provides healthcare and other much needed supplies to remote African villages using motorbikes. To give you an idea of how donations are spent:

  • £15 / R200 provides 40 families with a years worth of healthcare visits
  • £50 / R700 provides replacement parts & servicing of a bike for a year
  • £1,450 / R20,000 buys an African health worker a Yamaha AG100, enabling them reach & provide thousands of people with regular healthcare

Riders for Health is an international non-profit organisation born out of the world of motorcycle racing. Riders know that transportation affests everything and acts accordingly in Africa with a practical, dynamic approach which is acheiving real, sustainable development.

Please take a few minutes to make a small donation to my chosen charity. Doing so is fast, simple and totally secure, using a credit card. Sponsor me here. If you'd rather hand me a cash donation I'll place an entry on the site for you.