The bike

Image Sample There are many bikes suitable for this type of trip, but only one was designed specifically for its terrain & conditions, the KTM 640 Adventure. I will be using a new model and some of its advantages are;

Although early models had some reliability concerns, these were rectified a few years ago and since this bike has a proven track record of suitability for and reliability on long trips. See the 'others' page for other trips on this bilke.. The following exceprt from KTM sales literature sums-up the bike adequately;

Wherever in the world strange continents, lonely desert expanses or wild jungle trails are explored - the KTM 640 Adventure is the ultimate, single-cylinder travel motorcycle. Directly descended from successful rally racing bikes, it is characterized by its low weight, agile chassis with long suspension travel and a robust LC4 engine.


Most aftermarket additions I have chosen are to aid protection, ease of maintenance & luggage capacity.


Heart, lungs & stomach

Body & clothing